In Caravan at home

Tecfluid has designed and developed a hydraulic system to stabilize the caravan that offers several advantages over a single application. In the first place the system allows to subtract the weight of the vehicle from its suspension, moving on the columns of the hydraulic system. An electronic control system of the columns allows to stabilize the caravan in a horizontal position, thus compensating for any sloping or uneven ground. Finally, the system settles the vehicle keeping it stable and avoiding the vibrations deriving from the inside of the walking floor.

Lifting to freedom

The lifting to heavy vehicles like trucks or articulated trucks is a challenge that could catch and win Tecfluid planning a lifting system with independent columns. Each column is able to lift a weight of 2000 kilograms and can be positioned independently from the other. Each column, equipped with wheels is connected to an electronic control unit that governs the work of the individual units. The system ensures a smooth lifting solving the problem where extreme accuracy is essential.

For car lift

For dock levellers

For lifting table

For pallet stacker

For paper presses

For sawing machine

For Tail gate lift

For tipper truck

For wheel chair lift

For wing body